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Up and Running
We understand that time spent is money lost. With decades of experience in the returns business, we have developed a time saving formula for opening new centers. On average, once a contract is signed, we can have a new facility up and operating within 4-8 weeks.

Increased Efficiency
Our Proprietary software reduces labor, increases operation processes and provides a thorough inventory management tool.

Size Doesn’t Matter
RMS has clients both large and small. We have been able to provide significant efficiencies and economies of scale for smaller clients through shared RMS facilities.

It’s all about Reporting
Our reporting has set a new standard in the industry. We are able to provide a wide range of reports to meet our clients needs in a timely manner accessed via our web portal.  Information is available real time and can be either Pushed/Pulled.

Client Directed Returns
Our programs include a Client Directed Return (CDR) option where we can process and report on Recalls, Continuity Programs, Re-set Programs, Buybacks, Category Management programs, Special Re-work Handling, Backlog projects, etc. All CDR programs have a complete set of standard reports for each application. We offer customer date driven specifications for pulling reports outside of the industry standard “period” start and end dates.

RMS is the best choice for your company
From day one, we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and deliver more than we promise. Furthermore, we take a proactive approach, remaining focused on each client’s needs, and developing solutions that meet their specific requirements, now and into the future