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RMS provides an experienced and proven turnkey full service returns management solution. This service includes:

  • Finding a central warehouse location to optimize product consolidation and freight. We operate both dedicated (one client returns centers) and shared facilities (multiple clients) that benefit from economies of scale.
  • Design, set-up and management of the implementation process by an experienced team.
  • Installation of system software
  • Import/Export of data
  • Report generation and distribution
  • Performance benchmarks are established to insure our clients that we deliver the efficiencies that result in a reduction of the overall cost of handling returns.

We currently have Full Service facilities located across the United States and in Europe. Our Full Service solution is successful across industry lines.
Short-term Projects
In addition to our standard Full Service package, RMS provides dozens of companies with short-term solutions to their business challenges. From re-work to re-packaging RMS provides solutions that free up your resources and allow you to focus on your main channel of business. We are experienced in assisting clients with

  • Seasonal surges
  • Buy-backs
  • Re-packaging
  • Inventory control
  • Product destruction
  • Re-work projects